Research Findings | Addressing SDoH with Technology

Social Care Technology Platform

Reduce abandonment with AI

Risk sharing offer to key organizations

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Savings in Budget
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Faster Delivery Time

for your SDoH Strategy

Huge savings in time and investment

We implement SDoH data and technology strategy with a 30% saving in budget and a 30% faster delivery timeline using mHealth’s platform’s prepackaged modules.


Social Care needs for members in communities


Enrollment of members and utilization of services


Meaningful outcomes and actionable insights for community investment

Optimize Operations

When time and resources are strained

Screenings. Platform includes standardized evaluation and Z-code compliant data collection forms.

Digital Intake. Voice and digital pre-check forms to optimize staff time.

Scheduling. Reduce missed appointments by offering easy-to-use scheduling.

Social Care Resources

Access needed services with connected network

CBO Connectivity. The dedicated platform team verifies information for latest up-to-date status and accuracy from CBO via phone calls, emails and on the ground visits in your region.

Resource Library. Find community services in a consolidated, up-to-date, and verified database of SDoH resources from Housing, Food, Transport, Providers and more

Peer Network. Join a community of Professional Peers to get advice on best practices.

Streamlined Referrals. keep track of service utilization and outcomes, streamlining referral processes and keeping all Stakeholders in the loop with an innovative closed-loop referral system.

Proactively Connect

AI powered patient-engagement

AI Social Vulnerability Identifier. Data-powered AI proactively identifies social care needs for communities and individuals.

AI powered engagement. Engage patients and family caregivers in a conversation mode to help fill out intake forms.

Smart Scheduling. Reduce no-shows with risk driven scheduling assistant.


Connectors to major EMR and CRM systems available to be activated per your organization needs.

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